Don't worry, you won't break the bank at Royal Kidz Academy  in fact, your summer fees include all the basics like Breakfast, Lunch, Aftercare, Academics and SWIMMING among other great activities.

We are parents too. We understand the struggles in getting up to prepare a healthy meal for your kid every morning and pack a healthy lunch. It's a lot so we've taken those headaches away...completely!

Royal Kidz Academy Summer Programs all include both breakfast and lunch options that your child is welcomed to. Our program supports the enhancement of your child's social development skills and aids in fighting those common childhood fears by allowing them to try new things and therefore pushing them beyond their boundaries.

Our summer fun is loaded with many activities like basketball,  soccer, painting, and a common favorite for most children; swimming. Each child has an exceptional opportunity to develop themselves and to have fun over their summer break in an environment where kids can build relationships that last a lifetime.

  1. Breathable footwear are an absolute must during our summer care program. Kids should wear their flip flops or crocs only.

  2. Pack a swimsuit every day for fun swimming.

  3. Note: Instructor led swimming occurs only once per week.​

  4. No need to pack a lunch as both breakfast & lunch are served Monday - Thursday weekly. Fridays, a paid lunch is offered at a cost of $6.00 per child.

  5. Breakfast is offered up to 8:30. Thereafter, parents will have to provide breakfast for their child/children.

  6. Children collected past the 6:00pm hour will be subject to a penalty of $1.00 per hour.

  7. Charges begin at 6:01pm

  8. Your child is welcomed to bring a tablet with them which is monitored by the child's teacher.

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