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Here is a glossary of all the Forms and informational Guides you will encounter during your stay here at Royal Kidz!

BAF Financial Insuance Form

A completed and signed Parent Agreement is required for enrollment and can be found within our Royal Kidz Academy Parent Handbook before your child starts school. You are welcomed to download and print the handbook which will also serve as a quick update. Please read the handbook carefully and contact The Royal Kidz Academy admissions department with any questions you have concerning our policies and procedures.


All fees paid to the school are non-refundable and are non-transferable.

There is a one day grace period given for all fees, after which a late fee of $100 is applied.

Credit is not given for sick days, vacation days, school closures, withdrawal from the school, technology fees, uniforms, books nor extra curricular activities fees.

Registration Fee

Required for all students 


Seat Fee

Required for all students 

Due in March for all returning students.


Assessment Fee

Required for Royal 2's thru Primary


BAF Insurance

Required for all students 

Paid Annually


Curriculum/Materials/Technology Fee

Required for all students

Paid Annually








​​Term Fees 2021-2022 School Year

Term fees are due as follows:

Enrolled Year Round 

1st Term is due on July 15th


2nd Term is due November 15th


3rd Term is due on February 15th


Summer Care (7:00am-4:00pm)

$80.00 (Registration)

$1,925.00 (per 7 weeks paid in full)

Payment Plan 

$1,150.00 (paid on the 15th of each month prior

Eg.September tuition is due on August 15th)

Inclusive of Aftercare until 6pm, Swimming Classes, Breakfast, Lunch

(On-Campus Learning)

Extracurricular activities

Ballet | Karate 


  $240 Per Term


      Ballet    |    Karate  |     Yoga     |    Music    |     Golf

Payments Vary By Activity

Please contact our Administration Department for rates relative to the activity in which you are interested.


Please note that Royal Kidz Academy is a Cash Free Zone




Fees are paid one of two ways:


If you are making a deposit at the Bank, you will require a Royal Kidz Bank Slip to do so. Bank slips are available at all campuses.

Online transfers must be made to the Scotiabank account that corresponds with your child's Campus.

Once the online transfer is made email the transfer receipt to:


Here are our banking details.

Royal Kidz Bank Details:

Campus: Caves Village

Account Name: Royal Kidz Academy

Branch Location: Scotia Bank Carmichael Rd

Transit Number: 3465

Account Number: 175287

Child's Name: John Doe

Failure to produce any of the mentioned payment methods to the school office on the due date provided will result in an automatic $100.00 late fee, and an additional incurring charge of 1% weekly until such time as the bill is paid. Not endorsing any of the above mentioned options will  result in the re-assignment of your child's seat to the next student on the school's waiting list.


Having a little trouble making an online payment? Here's how: 

  1. Select your bank from the list below.

  2. Log in , using your online banking credentials.

  3. Make an online transfer to Royal Kidz Academy.

  4. Fill out & Submit the Online Payment Form to let us know you have made a payment.

online payments


If you have chosen to utilize our payment plan or extension options, you are required to notify the accounts department before the school year begins so that the required forms may be completed and signed in preparation for your first payment date.

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